Glenton JKB reinvents the jukebox with its exceptional model, the Glenton 150, and offers an unrivaled vinyl listening experience in a high-end, fully customizable setting.

The artisanal heritage of its creator is expressed in every detail of the Glenton 150 jukebox. It pushes the boundaries of possibility with an exceptional storage capacity of 150 33 rpm vinyl records and a high-end design designed to fit into interiors the most refined. Its modern media player features allow you to create and save personalized playlists.

Equipped with two marble plates, specially designed for this creation, Glenton 150 is intended to be the stage for a true technological spectacle. Behind its glass dome, 150 vinyl records, carefully arranged in a luminous rack, come to life under the precise movements of a revolutionary robotic arm.

This new benchmark in the world of jukeboxes, a subtle alliance between tradition and modernity, offers an immersive musical experience of remarkable richness and finesse...


Glenton 150 offers a range of 5 premium products designed to meet the most demanding design and acoustic needs.

Pur : Elegant simplicity in a solid color palette.
Pur Split : Sophisticated contrast with two distinct colors.
Artisan : Harmony between modernity and tradition, offering two colors including one in elegant wood veneer.
Artisan Exclusive : Absolute luxury with solid color and wooden cabinetry or marquetry facade.
Infinite : Total customization with tailor-made options such as wood marquetry, material mixes and special colors.

Each model embodies exclusivity and refinement, designed to fit perfectly into the most prestigious interiors and enhance your distinctive style.

Prototype GLENTON 150
  • Robot arm allowing the handling of 12-inch (33 rpm) or 7-inch (45 rpm) vinyl records.
  • Overall design allows the robot arm to remove or store records on the storage racks, turn them over or place them on one of the two turntables while the other plays.
  • Two playback decks equipped with a detection and positioning system for the reading cell on the chosen track.
design interieur
  • • Maximum storage: 150 vinyl records in 33 rpm format
    • Ability to mix up to 100 hours of non-stop music
    • Ability to create and save personalized playlists
    • Compatible with 33 rpm (LP, 12″), 45 rpm (EP, 7″), Maxi 45 rpm
    • Minimized sound distortion thanks to long, lightweight aluminum and carbon fiber tonearms
    • Solid natural stone plates
    • Separable integrated speakers
    • Cleaning of discs by the robot arm
    • Detection of scratched discs and automatic skipping of scratched parts
Prototype bras robotisé

• Dimensions :
     o Height: 169 cm
     o Width: 215 cm
     o Depth: 104 cm
• Weight: approximately 350 kg